CFlow has elected us as provider for their action and water photography and filming.

Check them out @ Facebook CFlow Fish Handling AS.


Scull&Sweep has been our favorite international client for several years now – we’ve been invited over and over to do their brand identity and marketing imaging, with the results that you can check here

Fiskerimuseet i Ålesund is our most recent (and one of the most prized) local client; we have been asked to bring the fun of the action of what their activities are about.

Learn more about them here

Polyform buoy with Actin Adventure boat (c) vasco pinhol, 2018

Polyform AS is the producer of the toughest, nicest, most reliable buoys and fenders in the world – they come out of the factory ready to work and survive in the toughest conditions in the planet.

We are proud to be the provider for their marketing photography. opening photo

We are proud to announce we’ve been elected by SalmonEvolution to be their provider of brand identity photography.

Learn more about this fabulous project here

GRS Riflestocks is a success story of the region, and sells their superlative products all around the globe. 

We have been brought in to shoot their brand identity and marketing photography, and recently, their promotional video. You can find more about them here

Jacu branding photo (c) vasco pinhol

JACU has, in its short lifespan, become an international reference in the boutique coffee panorama. We were brought in to shoot the ambiance and the soul of the project. You can find some of the finer results in Jacu’s beautiful website

margarida pais arkitekter

Margarida Pais Arkitektur counts now on us to provide the architectural photography that will document with dignity their architectural genius. 

RowAmerica, one of the coolest rowing projects in the planet, has elected us as their brand photo provider.

Check them out here.

For several years, Trolltegn has been chosen as photographer / creative – together with the design powerhouse Spirdesign – for SSR‘s images, calendar, etc.

We are proud to sponsor and be helped by the amazing athlete and extraordinary person Martin Helseth. Martin is fast on his quest to become the top world rower, and has been working together with us to change the look of our amazingly beautiful and challenging sport.

Find out more about Martin on his instagram account here 

The Douro Boys is a collective of Port Wine producers that has shaken the world of table wine in these last 10 years. We are proud to be part of their heritage, by being chosen as photographers for their international events.

Ulmatec is a leading company in our region, providing highly functional and specialised marine technologies for rigs and ships.

Gagn Consulting is the leading consulting agency in Aalesund. Together with Spirdesign and Furnes Design, we’ve done Gagn Consulting’s Photographical Identity.

Aarim was our first client, through the hand of Spirdesign – we were proud to shoot their photo identity back in 2011, and are happy to see the results of that project still going around after 4 years.

BarentsWatch elected us as provider of the image that portrays the Institution’s commitment to the sea, in its “More than the Sum of its Parts” documentation. Coincidentally, the statement “more than the sum of its parts” was also coined from the international communication developed by us, for a BarentsWatch international conference presentation.

We have done also architectural photography for Plot Arkitekter AS.


We were asked to do a little film that would bring together this beautiful old design hotel and the city channel where it stands, to bring into view the fjord water that leans against its walls. You can check it in loop, at the opening home page of Brosundet Hotel, in the heart of Aalesund, Norway.

Last year we embarked on this amazing trip, photographed, designed and produced this book together with Luis Segadães and the 7Maravilhas de Portugal project. The book is still on sale in its second edition – the first edition of 10 000 copies was sold out within 2.5 months.

photo swimmingPool Herdade da Cortesia, Portugal

The amazing Herdade da Cortesia Hotel, in Aviz, Portugal, chose us as image provider. Check their website by clicking on the photo or here