Aalesund Fiskeri Museet

We are happy and proud to inform that Aalesund Fiskeri Museet has elected us as provider to renew their image profile.


ULSTEIN GROUP lives within an uniquely special relationship between history, geography and the modern challenges of innovation. 

Its ships are in the forefront of all of the most demanding maritime industrial venues, all over the world, and they are a global synonym of quality.


They asked us to photograph one of their most advanced ships on the environment where it functions: the sea. 


JACU has, in its short lifespan, become an international reference in the boutique coffee panorama. We were brought in to shoot the ambiance and the soul of the project, by the savvy hand of Tom Emil Olsen, then @ Havnevik. You can find some of the finer results in Jacu’s beautiful website, if you use the dotted map to navigate it visually.



GRS is a success story, cradled and nurtured in the heart of Sunnmore.

We got a request from across the Atlantic, from an interesting project trying to grow the sport of rowing from the bottom up. Rowamerica share our values and we value that. Passion. Commitment. Innovation. Team. Community.

MOINHO DOS ILHEUS – Premium Oysters

Moinho dos Ilheus is a family-based project of premium oyster production, targeting the gourmet world market, with branches in Portugal and Norway.


Idunn’s Epler is the reference foodshop for foodies that care about what they put into their system. 


It is the one shop where you can buy consistent high-quality organic food in town and it has been gaining a very large following in a very short period of time.


Hilde @ Idunn’s was looking for a change of look&feel of her web-presence that would mirror that growth and her commitment to quality and healthy living – and decided to trust us with the development of her visual identity. 

We hope to be able to showcase soon here the work done with her own words and web. For the time being, above you will find one of the examples.



We were asked to do a little film that would bring together this beautiful old design hotel and the city channel where it stands, to bring into view the fjord water that leans against its walls. You can check it in loop, at the opening home page of Brosundet Hotel, in the heart of Aalesund, Norway.

BarentsWatch elected us as provider of the image that portrays the Institution’s commitment to the sea, in its “More than the Sum of its Parts” documentation. Coincidentally, the statement “more than the sum of its parts” was also coined from the international communication developed by us, for a BarentsWatch international conference presentation.

Sometimes we just want to be in the water and if there are things close to our hearts we are available for pro bono work…

Here in the water with national team rower Martin Helseth, from Ålesund Roklubb.

We have become sponsors of Martin Helseth in his quest to become one of the best rowers in the planet.



WEST OIL TOOLS is a big company with a small footprint, and is imprinting its force for engineering innovation in the most astringent of the industrial fields: Oil and Gas.

West Oil Tools knows it is not enough to be good, you have to show it. So they come to us – for several years now – and we align the visual quality of their annual report to their high-quality engineering products and services.



BRUDE, is one of the major safety-at-sea companies in Aalesund, one that roots its image in what may the be one of the most courageous marketing feat in modern history: the Brude’s egg Atlantic crossing. We were asked to make the best of what was their brand identity and modernize it, through the least disruptive process possible. By the end of a mid-pressure year, the results were visible.



The Offshore Simulator at HIALS needed some updates on the platform rigs that are used within their graphic environment, and we were involved in the 3D simplification and rebuilding of two platforms and one tower – in Autodesk Maya 2015. This has been our opening into the amazing world of 3D visualization and we have developed several other – less gaming-like, more VR-like – projects since.

You can check about more of our 3D projects here.


Merit Globe is a leading software solutions company based in Norway, that has developed beyond the Nordic borders and Nordic languages – and hence decided to invest in higher quality English copy-writing. 


SSR Hareid Kommune

For several years, Trolltegn has been chosen as photographer / creative – together with the design powerhouse Spirdesign – for SSR‘s images, calendar, etc.



The Douro Boys is a collective of Port Wine producers that has shaken the world of table wine in these last 10 years. We are proud to be part of their heritage, by being chosen as photographers for their international events.


Ulmatec is a leading company in our region, providing highly functional and specialised marine technologies for rigs and ships.




Gagn Consulting is the leading consulting agency in Aalesund. Together with Spirdesign and Furnes Design, we’ve done Gagn Consulting’s Photographical Identity for their new website, as well as the little film that you will find in their homepage. We hope the large body of images produced will be projecting their good identity for as long as possible.


Insoft AS is run by geniuses and like all companies that deal with complicated systems had to find the best way to communicate well what they do so well. So they came to us for the copy-writing of their English version of their site, that ended up shaping the copy-writing of their original Norwegian site too. It was a privilege to be chosen and a privilege to work with them, and with Spirdesign on the development of this site.



Aarim was our first client, through the hand of Spirdesign – we were proud to shoot their photo identity back in 2011, and are happy to see the results of that project still going around after 4 years.



This was one of the most rewarding projects we’ve been involved with so far: InPower is an innovative and forward-looking company that develops propulsion systems for the future of shipping. We developed their whole communication package, conceptualizing keywords and key-statements, together with Doxacom. We are happy to announce that in the years since, InPower has grown to become an increasing force in the minds of their actual, and prospective, clients.

You can see a bit of our branding work in this youtube video.

Glamox knows that quality is always at the forefront of all significant markets – and came to us when high quality Brazilian translations were needed for their superlative products. We translate copy from Norwegian into English, and into Brazilian too.